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While it is not often taught in the DNS courses, manual therapy is an integral part of both DNS assessment and treatment.
In this course Richard Ulm will teach attendees several manual techniques often used by the DNS instructors and other elite DNS practitioners around the world. We will show and workshop a variety of manual techniques: structural soft tissue mobilizations, neurological soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, and joint manipulation. This course is restricted to only clinicians who have a scope of practice that includes joint manipulation. 
As with all DNS classes, this course will involve a combination of lecture and hands-on workshop. ​ 
Course Objective:
  • Improve attendee's acumen for gait analysis
  • Review different phases of the gait cycle
  • Review pertinent developmental kinesiology to the gait cycle
  • Provide a detailed explanation of muscle kinematics of the foot and how it related to stability, function and centration.
  • Learn to utilize gait analysis as the doorway into the overall function of the patient. Attendees of this course should expect to be able to identify proper functional tests to verify obsevational findings in the gait cycle.
  • Review postural stabilization and the roll the diaphragm and respiration play in this essential attribute of function.
  • Overview of common pathology associated with the gait cycle. 

Course Location:

EXOS - Phoenix

2629 E Rose Garden Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Time Schedule:

Registration: Friday, November 2nd 8:30a-9:00a

Friday,November 2nd 9:00a - 5:00p

Saturday, November 3rd: 9:00a - 5:00p

Sunday, November 4th: 9:00a - 1:00p 

Phoenix, AZ | November 4-5th, 2023

Clinician: $700, Student: $575, Audit: 420 

DNS Manual Techniques 

$525.00 Super Early Bird - Ends July 1st, 2023
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